I come from a country where people(some) find  reasons to get offended and if they don’t find one they’ll start getting offended by ridiculous things. Recently, as many of you’ll know that the CEO of Snapchat allegedly called India poor. There is a reason why the word “allegedly” is highlighted yet some of us failed to get that and made this a big deal and went ahead abusing and threatening the CEO-Evan Spiegel. Also, this is an allegation by an ex-employee, we being the people who love our country to a great extent started trending “#boycottsnapchat” and made memes about it ’cause why not?

Without doing the fact check most Indians pounced on him like a wild hound and left no stone unturned to make the situation worse. People went ahead and rated the app 1 star on the play store. This is petty. We as a nation should not waste our nationalism on something that might not even be real. What happens to this nationalism when we need it. The most people do when a person is raped is start protesting and lighting candles.Thats it. Things go back to normal and we continue repeating the same mistakes, notice how I said a person and not a girl because guys are raped too.

Coming back to Indian’s getting offended, we’ve all noticed that people are quite intolerant and can get offended by literally anything. Remember how people were offended by the AIB roast and Tanmay Bhat’s Sachin-Lata snapchat videos recieved so much backlash. They tend to get offended by a tweet, A TWEET! One such tweet by Sonu Nigam created a chaos and Katy Perry wasn’t spared either , recently she shared a picture of Goddess Kali displaying her “current mood”. I think its high time we stop getting offended by little things and take this in good humour instead of spewing all our nationalism over nothing.Be happy, stay aware.



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