People. We are people, and its only natural for us create chaos and panic or stress over things. Whether you have a deadline at work or you’re waiting for your exam results, stress can come in any form and ruin your peace.                                                                      But it depends on us how well we contain this tornado in us or slowly let it out to other people and maintain our calm. As old as this may sound but its true, shake a bottle of carbonated water and a bottle of water, now place them both on a table. The bottle of carbonated water explodes when opened whereas the bottle of water remains exactly how it was before. Now before all of you start going haywire like,”Have you heard of CO2?”, “Go to school! It explodes because of the carbon dioxide present in it.”. I KNOW but have you heard of metaphors? If yes, great! If no, then just reread what is written again. It’s easy to lose control and get triggered and start overreacting over issues but maintaining your composure through all this is what takes efforts.

That’s how we should be, however bad things get outside it shouldn’t effect what goes on inside because it can make things worse. Every action doesn’t necessarily need an equal and opposite reaction sometimes all it needs is time to get things right.

There are many ways to maintain your cool but I’ve narrowed it down to 4 –

1- Slow down

Slow down your pace just to get back in the track and do better and stay focused. If you react in a chaotic situation it might just make it more worse leading you to lose focus of what you were doing for the first place.

2- Breathe

Proper breathing  gives us mental clarity and reduces our stress. It elevates our mood and gives us a positive feeling of relaxation and control. To stay calm in the midst of chaos means to take control of how we breathe and going from unconscious breaths to controlling the deep breaths.


There are many types of meditation but one particularly involves focusing your attention on the present moment and on your breath. You can do whatever makes you calm ,like repeating phrases or focusing your mind on an object in the room, or on the flame of a candle. Two things necessary for this are-  A quiet environment and a point of focus.

4- Write

Write a lot, that’s what I do when I lose my temper and have to vent something.  There is just something amazingly relaxing about letting it all out on a page or simply even typing it out. There is scientific evidence that writing things down helps you to understand yourself and your thoughts and feelings, solve problems, minimize stress, and come up with solutions to disagreements.

Our mind is full of knots that only we can loosen and it depends on us whether we let the situations around us affect our mental stability and ruin our calm.                                      So now that you’ll know what to do in times like these and I guess have gained a bit of knowledge on this subject all I can say is Good Luck!






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