Why is it that we can’t go one day without being stared by random strangers?

Why is it that I can’t wear what I like “because it’s not safe out there”?

Why is it that the people who make it unsafe are not locked inside their homes after 7p.m?

Why is it that I get dress coded for wearing a tee that’s apparently cropped and that the authorities are obliging me by letting me even wear colourful clothes?

Why is that when we wear something showing skin we’re immediately “asking for it”?

People can sense my non-existent appeal and how I’m asking to be touched inappropriately,raped,stalked-the list goes on but they turn a deaf ear to things I actually am asking for.I wonder why that girl on her way to school was raped….Obviously, she was asking for it.

That woman in  burqa was asking for it.                                                                                           That child in the elevator who trusted you, she too was asking for it.                                       That 28 day old baby was definitely asking for it, how dare she be on her bed naked and expect not to be raped?

These cases are getting so common these days that people don’t even have a reaction and they’ve become numb because they’re so used to it, this is not right. The fire inside should keep burning and nothing, nothing at all should have the power to stop you from burning every obstacle down to ashes. It’s not just girls getting raped and molested,but men too. We must act fast,if not now when?

We have to make this society safe not by trimming the branches but by uprooting the main cause of it all- Teach the culprits a lesson instead of blaming the victim.

To walk the streets knowing that I’m safe,

Not having to call my rapist “bhaiya” to stop it from happening,

Having equal opportunities,

Not being judged for the clothes I wear,

Not being told to shut up when I voice my opinions,

Not having sharp objects inserted in me like a stuffed turkey!

To not being told to stay at home to be safe,

Not having random strangers staring and touching me,

To simply be safe and respected and not being denied of my fundamental rights.

Now that’s what I’m asking for!


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